My son's favorite organic cosmetics with natural ingredients that is infinitely gentle on baby's skin. The diaper rash cream with shea butter is indispensable against skin irritations!


What impressed me most about Oscar's products is their fine texture, high level of hydration and the fact that they are easy to apply - including the baby cream. My children's skin reacts extremely well. I highly recommend it.


In the first months of growing up, I trusted Oscar Organic cosmetics. My absolute favorite is the Diaper Rash Cream, which I still use today. The redness on the delicate baby skin disappears instantly, and this provides peace of mind for mom and baby.


My daughter and I have been using shampoo and body cream for several months now and I don't trade them for anything! For the first time I come across products with so pure ingredients and at the same time with such an amazing aroma. They have a great effect on my baby's hair and dry skin. I also use them a bit on me.


I liked Oscar's products from the first moment! I was attracted by the colorful packaging and the incredibly delicate aroma. And I'm even happier that my kids like the products too. They make bubbles in the bathroom and use the products with pleasure. It makes their skin soft, smooth and it smells even better.


We currently use a cleanser and after-bath cream. They smell amazing and make my baby's skin even more silky. It's been a week since we've been using Oscar and I'm giving them a thumbs up.


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