How to bathe the baby?

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

There is probably no young parent who has not asked this question. To help you and make bathing your little one even more enjoyable and fun, Oscar offers you some useful tips.

In order for your baby to feel as relaxed as possible, it should not be tired or hungry. A cozy and warm (about 25 degrees) room is ideal for this purpose and helps the baby relax before bathing.

First of all, it is important not to leave the baby alone. Therefore, and for your convenience, it is good to prepare everything you need in advance.

It is best to use a specially designed baby bath. This will avoid the risk of slipping or injury, and you will have better control over the baby's movements.

The water temperature should be neither too hot nor too cold - about 32-35 degrees, and it is good to test it by hand beforehand. The water level should be maximum to the baby's waist in a sitting position (about 15 cm). Also prepare a soft towel, clean towels to use while bathing, diapers and baby clothes.

Once you have prepared everything you need, start gradually immersing the baby gently in the water. Start with the feet, pouring warm water over it constantly so that it does not cool down. Hold babys' head, neck and body with one hand while pouring it with the other.

Apply Oscar Baby shampoo all over the baby's body with massage movements, by hand or a soft towel. Your movements should be in the direction from top to bottom and from the front to the back of the body.

Rinse the little one, pouring warm water over him, wrap him in a towel and gently dry his skin.

Despite the popular belief, it is not necessary to bathe your baby every day, because his delicate and still very delicate skin dries out and is damaged by frequent bathing. It is enough to bathe it several times a week, and the rest of the time to wash it's face and clean with wet wipes when changing diapers.

Oscar wishes you a pleasant bath!

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