Exactly how important is the baby oil during the winter?

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

With the onset of the cold months, children's skin becomes much more sensitive and responds to all climatic and temperature changes. Babies' skin is much drier, easily exposed to bacteria and needs extra hydration and nourishment.

Baby oil comes to the rescue here! Great and very useful product during the winter months, which takes care of hydration and nourishment of delicate baby skin.

In most cases, it is applied to the child's skin immediately after a bath or after changing diapers, but can also be used for massage or cleansing crusts.

Here are all the cases in which it is good to use oil:


This is the main purpose of the oil. This product is rich in vitamins and natural oils, which have the ability to hydrate and protect delicate baby skin from drying out.


The oil successfully removes crusts from the baby's head. Unlike other moisturizing products, it can be used daily as it does not dry the skin and does not cause irritation.


Baby massage has many benefits for parents and babies on a physical and emotional level. Based on the mother's instinctive desire to touch her baby, baby massage is designed to include a sequence of useful movements to awaken and stimulate all of the baby's body systems.

Calming and nourishing

Baby oil contains natural oils that have the ability to care for irritated skin and prevent the appearance of dermatitis and allergies, and will also build a protective layer, keeping it soft and hydrated.

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