How to choose the right toys for your baby?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Newborn babies, of course, can't say for themselves what they like, and you probably wouldn't want to buy your baby a toy that it'll throw away and forget the next day. Therefore, it is good to first determine the character of the baby, and this will help you choose a toy.

  • Confident and positive baby

It often smiles and likes everything that happens around him. It smiles when you approach it, likes to play with you, reacts calmly when communicating with other people. Such a baby would be happy with any toy, but it is better to choose ones that require more concentration, such as puzzles or pyramids. If it's a boy, cars are also a good solution.

  • Naughty and capricious baby

Usually everything upsets him or he doesn't like it. He is often capricious if he has to wait to be fed or in another situation. He usually likes to be in his mother's arms.

Toys with calm and slow melodies are more suitable for such a baby. You can buy him big puzzles, balls, cubes and soft toys, but the best gift would be a homemade swing.

  • Timid and shy baby

Such babies do not like to stand in other people's hands. If it is an older child in the yard, it usually plays with its own toys, but prefers to stay at home with its mother. In this case, the best gift for the child would be cars, animal figurines, dolls, constructors. It is important not only to buy them, but also to show the baby how to play with them.

  • Active baby

It starts sitting and walking earlier than his peers, but finds it difficult to focus on one activity. For such children a suitable gift is a baby rug. If the child is older, you can buy a car that he can ride, using his feet. He would also like to draw.

  • Impatient baby

It needs everything immediately - the food, the toy, the presence of the mother. It likes to be carried by his parents. It tries to get up and walk early, but if he doesn't succeed, he loses interest. He doesn't like playing with cubes or constructors.

If your baby has such a character, it is better to buy toys focused on physical activities - home swings, cars and more. Such toys that require more movement.

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