10 best games for babies and kids

Updated: Jul 16, 2020


Your baby does not necessarily need expensive toys. Ordinary dolls, cubes and various rattles can be fun and useful for its development. They help develop the senses and good coordination and make the minutes spent in the game extremely fun.


Various toys such as cubes, colorful shapes, toys with buttons develop the baby's senses and coordination and help him understand the idea of ​​cause and effect.

"Peek a boo"

Kids love to play hide and seek. You can play two versions of this game. Put your baby to sit, stand against it and cover your face with your hands or a towel. Say Peek a boo and remove your hands / towel from your face. Babies usually find the game fun and the more you play it, the more they laugh. The game allows babies to get used to the fact that objects can disappear and reappear, which helps them cope with stress in various everyday situations.


The reflection in the mirror can be extremely interesting and stimulating for babies. Using the mirror, together with your baby, you can move, smile, make different faces and funny sounds. Your little one is sure to have fun.

Colorful books

Read books to your baby. It is good if they are colorful and well illustrated. Let the baby unfold them - the different and bright colors stimulate the baby's interest and develop the baby's perceptions.

„Where's the toy?“

This game is a variant of " Peek a boo". Here, however, you are not hiding your face, but some object /e.g. toy. Show the baby the object and then hide it behind your back or in your pocket. Ask the baby "Where is the toy?", Then take it out and show it to him again. Continue the game by hiding the object in different places. The game is extremely useful because it develops the baby's attention and concentration.


Pretend you are doing different things, imitating different animals. You may feel ridiculous, but experience has shown that this game is extremely fun for your baby

Eating with fingers

It develops the coordination between the baby's eyes and hands, as well as motor skills. Put on the table a few pieces of soft, cooked vegetables /e.g. carrot / and show the baby how to take a piece with its fingers. The baby will try to do the same, and probably give to you.

Game with letters

When the baby is about half a year old, you can "introduce" the letters. Of course, it still won't be able to recognize them, but this game will help develop speech. The letters should be colored in different colors. Show different letters while naming them. You can also hang pictures of the letters on the walls.

Avoiding obstacles

Overcoming obstacles while crawling is a lot of fun for your baby. You can use pillows or soft toys to make the baby walk/craw around. This game will help develop the baby's motor system.

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