Traveling with kids

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

It's finally time for family vacation, and you're wondering whether to travel with the kids or stay at home to avoid possible difficulties and discomfort? Oscar offers you some tips to help you deal with them. Good planning, a little luck, a lot of patience and a few tricks can help you and make your trip with a kid / kids enjoyable and more relaxed.

The key here is the time you have. If you need an hour for a specific childcare action, take more time and never refuse help from another person.

Remember that traveling is a great opportunity for a child to learn new things - to learn more about the environment and to acquire important social habits.

  • Take into account the age and stage of development of your child. For example, toddlers are unable to focus for a long time on an object, so it is better if, for example, you have to go to the store, the baby stays at home with someone to take care of him while you are gone. If he has to be with you, take a list of products with you to move faster between the shelves. Also take toys so that the child has something to do and does not take products from the shelves. Never leave children unattended.

  • Plan in advance - prepare in advance all the necessary things / clothes, blankets, cleaning cosmetics, diapers, stroller, toys, books, etc./. Try to do it the day before departure to avoid the stress of last minute preparation and the possibility of forgetting something important. If the child is older, tell him about the places you will go.

  • Take precautions to avoid illness - unclean surroundings in public places, at train stations, airports, and even in the car can be one of the causes of illness. Wash your child's hands thoroughly or, if you can't, use disinfectants. You may need to change his diapers at any time - be prepared. If you cannot clean the affected areas with running water, always bring disinfectant wet wipes. Make sure your baby's plastic toys are always clean, as he often paws them.

  • During the trip, play fun, educational games with your child. Tell him about the places you pass, about the objects you see. If the child is older, he may want to draw what he sees - take drawing materials with you.

  • Prepare healthy snacks and drinks in advance. This will save you any inconvenience of where and when to stop to eat. Adhere to the child's usual diet.

  • Use the breaks not only to visit the toilet, but also for physical exercise to release tension and energy. Even a 10 minute walk in the air with your child can make the next few hours more enjoyable.

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